NAOSNP Frowns at Rising Cases of Insecurities in Nigeria
… challenges FG to provide Nigerians better security in 2021

By Starimagenews

Nigeria is beset with plethora of insecurities ranging from kidnapping, banditary and terrorism, inter-cult rivalries, attacks by herdsmen and armed robbery incidences.

These, apart from the Covid-19 that struck the country in February 28, 2020, have infested the country like a behemoth, emasculating people and depleting their economic prosperity.

In the last few months, most Nigerians have developed lack of interest in embarking on interstate travels, not because of lack of what to do in those states but afraid that they might not arrive their destinations for fear of been kidnapped, abducted by bandits and herdsmen, who brazenly block expressway and seize vehicles or the entire passengers.

Kidnapping for ransom has become one of the biggest organised crime in Nigeria and this has posed a huge national security problem in the country, sending countless victims to their early graves as any resistance always result in death of victims.

In extreme cases, some have had their lives terminated while those that are lucky enough, either forced to pay millions to regain their freedom or had the women gang raped by the bandits.

Sadly, despite been rescued, the kidnapping of over 334 students from Kankara Government Science Secondary School, Katsina on the 11th December, 2020 was a slap on the collective sensibility and sensitivity of Nigerians having had cases of students abductions at Chibok and Dapchi with some many of them still not released by the terrorists till now.

We, at the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP) wish to use this opportunity to call on all the security apparatuses to redouble their efforts and extricate our country from this mess we have found ourselves.

Nigeria used to be a reference point in terms of peace and security in its ambience but such enviable status cannot be held at the moment – as one of the most secured country in Africa. Unfortunately, due to self distrust, political manipulation and flagrant disregards for the sanctity of human lives, have descended to such a level that we are made a laughing stock in Africa.

As it is hitherto, nowhere seems safe in Nigeria. Even Churches and Mosques have been inflitrated by terrorist gangs and bombed them or clergymen kidnapped. Every geopolitical zone is either contending with one insecurities problem or the other leading to; in recent times, the formation by some states of regional or ethnic security Organisations. Aren’t these indexes of failed efforts of the Government to provide security and protect properties of citizens?

Pathetically, it has been observed with disdain that men of the Nigerian Police have lowered the guide at providing required security since the aftermath of #EndSARS protest. No matter what has happened, the Nigerian Police cannot shy away from its primary responsibilities.

Despite the hijack of #EndSARS protest, which was unfortunate and condemnable in its ramifications, NAOSNP urge the police to take the challenge as a bold step to change the negative narratives and prove all the doubting Thomases WRONG. It would also be an expression of their strongness, doggedness to live above their shortcomings by providing robust security to the citizenry.

As the Federal government has reassured Nigerians of robust security as espoused in President Mohammadu Buhari New Year broadcast, we, at NAOSNP appeal to the Government to invest heavily on the military by procuring necessary equipment to deal with the terrorists terrorising lives in the NorthEast and North Central with a reminder that any country that politicises security matters would bleed.

Similarly, other Paramilitary organizations need massive investment in the area of Equipment, Training and Welfare of officers to meet contemporary security hiatus. Based on those premise, the welfare of officers cannot be compromised and as such, will serve as added motivational factor that would challenge them to do more to secure the rest of us.

Lastly, 2021 holds so much in trust for all and sundry. Everyone needs to assist in intelligence gathering to aid our security agencies and the Government must begin to reevaluate its security architecture, make necessary changes at the top hierrachy, appropriate more funds and monitor its disbursement with a view to getting results but not the uncouth narratives that have kept us in this unfortunate insecurity problems.

It is only when adequate security of lives and properties are guaranteed that both foreign and local investments would be attracted. The moment this is done, the reflection on Gross National Domestic Product (GDP) would climb to the roof and by extension, Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and infrastructural development will accelerate.

As a country, nation and people, we deserve more than this. NAOSNP declares 2021 a year of peace and hope; a year where auguish and lack will be relegated; where plenty food will replace starvation; where peace and love will replace nepotism and tribal division and where slaughtering of people will no longer become a daily identity but hopes of progress and developments for all and sundry.

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