* Says ‘na condition make crayfish bend’ in relation to hoodlums on a rampage in society
* Clergywoman recounts her journey into ministry

The recent events in Nigeria has shown that there are various types of individuals in the society. While some can protest peacefully, some are violent in their dealing.

‘Different classes, different reactions! This divide has to be bridged and everyone given opportunities for civilization’, proclaims clergywoman, Rev. Nnamso Akpan in her brief chat with Starimagenewscom

onthe #ENDSARS Protest Attacks

‘Civilization should not be a thing for the rich and middle class. It should be for all. The poor needs equal opportunity to be civilized. Unfortunately if the government doesn’t give them equal opportunities they will turn around and hunt us in the language and manner they know how to and then they will be called touts and hoodlums. That is not really who they are. Situation made them become so. Condition nah im dey make crayfish bend!’

The Pastor of Glory Signature Assembly continued: ‘The Bible says the poor will always be amongst us but how are we handling the poor? If the poor are not treated well they become the menace of the rich. It’s time to be real and set things right in this country. The government we have is a reflection of the people therein. How are you treating someone you are more privileged than? It’s not only the rich that treat the poor badly, you see some poor are also oppressing the poorest of the poor because they feel better off. It’s time to change. Change must start from the grassroots through the top’

On her journey into ministry, the elegant wife of Engr. Okon Akpan and mother of 3 shared: ‘I have had a call into ministry from my teenage years in which i do outreaches while in secondary school using my provisions and pocket money to visit the aged and less privileged. That has grown into a foundation today called Hope Alive Foundation.’

The Christian minister continued: ‘However I never wanted to run a fellowship talk less of a church. I just wanted to do ministry from the backstage but God pulled me to the front line and center stage and I am grateful that I finally chose God above my cares and fears. I actually resisted God when I didn’t know myself but when I realized that I exist because of God I surrendered wholeheartedly and decided to live for God all my life and not live for myself nor any man.’

‘It is such a privilege to serve as a pastor today and it’s the highest call and honour I could ever wish for. I launched into the deep of ministry in December 2015 as an interdenominational fellowship, Revival House of Glory which ran for four years and transitioned into a full-fledged church, Glory Signature Assembly in December 2019’, she concluded.

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